Intern, Resident, New Graduate, Nurse / Technician Discount

Veterinary interns, residents, new graduates, and nurses/technicians are eligible for a 30% discount off VETgirl ELITE individual memberships (outlined on our membership page).

To apply, please click the JOIN VETgirl button on the top right of the website (screenshot).

(NOTE: If you already have a VETgirl account, in your account dashboard there will be an UPGRADE button that starts the process within the “membership” box – screenshot)

Click on the ELITE Membership option as you are applying for a (discounted) ELITE VETgirl membership (screenshot).

As you proceed, select your appropriate classification (screenshot).

Importantly, you must then upload verification of your classification (Intern, Resident, New Graduate, Nurse / Technician) – example screenshot – NOTE: the options will change based on your classification.

If you receive an error message during this process, first make certain all fields are filled out. If you have issues uploading the document, please try another device or browser. We recommend Google Chrome.

Following this sign-up process, the 30% discount will automatically be applied to your account (screenshot).