How do I upload CE certificates for tracking?



Have a hard time tracking your CE? Never again stress over lost CE certificates! VETgirl is an all-inclusive continuing education (CE) management system, uniquely designed for our community of veterinary professionals. Whether you complete your online VETgirl CE quiz or obtain a CE certificate from another source, VETgirl’s CE tracking system allows you to upload and manage your CE certificates and provide a unique, simple, and comprehensive way to store, search, and save your CE certificates!

For easier tracking, make ALWAYS sure to upload your VETgirl INTERACTIVE/LIVE webinar CE certificates here. These are emailed to you within 2-3 hours after attending the LIVE webinar, and contain a link to download and print your CE certificate. After you download and print your CE certificate, please fill out the necessary fields (e.g. name, license #, etc.) scan and upload it to your VETgirl account. Please note that for NON-INTERACTIVE/PASSIVE webinar CE certificates, you must successfully pass a quiz by 70%. Once you successful pass the quiz, your CE certificate will be automatically added to your CE dashboard.

Below we have included instructions with images on how to upload your CE certificates.

STEP 1: Log in to the VETgirl website. At minimum, you must be at least a (free) trial member. This is required to ensure uploaded certificates are associated with your personal, private account.

STEP 2: At the top right corner of the website, click on your name to open the website directory. Click on “My Credits.”

STEP 3: All previous CE credits obtained / uploaded will appear in your credit dashboard (example). To upload a NEW certificate, click on “Add New CE” (screenshot).

STEP 4: Fill out the form as listed (screenshot).

Title of CE course: This is a FREE TYPE field
Date of Event: Clicking on the field will pull up a calendar
Type of CE: This is a dropdown field (screenshot)
Speaker Name: This is a FREE TYPE field
Credit hours earned: This is a FREE TYPE field, but there are also arrows with 0.5 hour increments
Race Program: This is a FREE TYPE field
Source/Platform: We have a list of 750 RACE-CE Providers. As you begin to type the name of the provider, the list to choose from will appear (screenshot)

Example of completed form HERE.

STEP 5: Upload a document. NOTE: The document must be 1mb or less and a PDF, JPG, PNG, or DOC. Then click Save Entry (screenshot)

STEP 6: You will be re-directed back to your credit dashboard where the CE will appear in date-chronological order, the most recent date at the top. Following submission you can edit the submission if needed, and of course download your documents at any time. Example / Screenshot HERE of this example’s addition to a credit dashboard.

Please contact us with any questions!