How do I find or view an on-demand webinar?

All VETgirl webinars, while given live, are recorded, archived, and placed in our on-demand library. As a VETgirl member, you have complete access to our massive on-demand library so you can learn on YOUR time. Not a VETgirl member? Check out this link HERE.

To view our on-demand library:

1) Go to the webinar section of our CE library. (screenshot).
2) On the right hand side there is a toggle button to switch from upcoming to on-demand webinars (screenshot).
3) You can filter the webinar selection further by choosing the category or categories you wish to view. After you click the checkbox of the category or categories you wish to filter, make certain to “apply filters” (screenshot).

We also have a search bar at the top of the website. If you click on the magnifying glass (screenshot), a search bar will appear (screenshot) where you can type in keywords of interest to see related content. NOTE: if you previously filtered the website by topic, the search will also remain filtered by topic. Finally, you can filter the search bar as well. Next to the words, “All Content” there is a red arrow. If you click on that red arrow (screenshot) you can further filter your search.