How do I access and complete my assignments?

Received an assignment? Lucky you! Find out how to manage and complete your assignments.

Team Assignments allow you to learn with your team, and since your Team Organizer is the one making the assignments, you can be sure that the content will be relevant and applicable to the work you do together.

I received an email that I've been assigned CE. What now?

The email you received contains a link to the assigned content, the date the assignment is due, and a link to the My Activity page of your MyVETgirl Dashboard. Click the Assigned to Me filter to see all of your open and completed assignments.

To dive in and get started on your assignment, simply click the link for the assignment from your email or your My Activity page.

Complete the assignment just like you would any other CE:

  • For an On-Demand Webinar, Real-Life-Rounds or Podcast assignment, watch or listen to the content and then pass the associated quiz (with a score of 70% or higher) to complete the assignment.
  • For a Live Webinar or Real-Life-Rounds assignment, simply watch the webinar at the scheduled time. When the VETgirl team uploads your CE certificate to your account after the live event, your assignment will be automatically marked as completed.
  • For a Video or Blog assignment, watch or read the content, and then mark it as complete on the content page.

Once you've completed an assignment, you'll see that the status of the assigned content on your My Activity page has changed to Completed (with the Completed Date), and the number of open assignments has been reduced. Your Team Organizer will also be able to see that you've completed the assignment.