GoToWebcast FAQ

To join a VETgirl webinar, you will need to be a VETgirl ELITE member. Alternatively, sponsored webinars are available to all members of the veterinary community (even those who are not yet VETgirl members).**

  • On the specific webinar page, there will be a blue, “REGISTER NOW” button. At any time prior to the webinar, you can register for the webinar by clicking on that button and filling out the registration form with your VETgirl account email. Following registration with your VETgirl account email address, a confirmation email will be sent to the email you used during the registration process.
  • If you don't receive the automatic webinar registration email, please check your spam folder and then contact the webinar support service.
  • If you lose track of the email, you can use that same “REGISTER NOW” button to log in with your registered email and then go directly into the webinar session (within 1 hour of the webinar start). 
  • If you receive the error, “This email address was not found” when attempting to log in to a webinar, please clear your cookies/cache and try again. You can also test this by logging in on another device.
  • Once logged in, make sure to unmute your computer speakers or mobile device if necessary.
  • Please make sure to close out of all Internet-sucking programs (e.g. Dropbox, multiple tabs open, your kids surfing on YouTube or playing Fortnite while you’re watching the webinar, etc.)
  • BONUS: You do not need to download any mobile app – joining a VETgirl webinar is an easy web-based experience (no download necessary!).
  • VETgirl webinars using GoToWebcast are optimized for all devices including iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, and MS Surface, in the sense that the viewer will have access to all features including Q&A, resource download, resources tabs, and responding to in session surveys.
  • Because of the limited viewing area, attendees joining on iPhones and Android phones will see the media prioritized.
  • There are some iOS limitations as well: iOS does not allow for the instant playback of video clips, even during a live event. iOS attendees must click on a “play” button to accept the viewing of any video clip streamed during a live or archived GoToWebcast.

    To test your personal device and review the system requirements, please click HERE

**   If you are not a VETgirl ELITE member, we recommend that you create a VETgirl membership on our website for easy access and storage of your CE certificate in your My Credits page.