"FAVORITING" / Saving content to watch later




The VETgirl team is excited to announce a new feature that allows you to save content to watch later… FAVORITES! 

When you’re browsing VETgirl online veterinary continuing education, you can log in and now add content to your FAVORITES list so you know what to come back to view later! Simply log into your VETgirl account (trial members too!) and click the heart to make it a favorite.

Just follow these steps below to start favoriting your VETgirl online CE content:

1) You must be logged in to use this feature [or else how would we know who is saving content for later? :-)]

2) Next to any of our CE CONTENT you will see a HEART icon (screenshot).

3) When you click on the “heart icon” of the CE content you wish to favorite, the heart icon will appear colored in (screenshot)

4) To see your favorited CE content, you click on your name at the top of the website (screenshot) which will open a toolbar. Then click on “Favorites” (screenshot) – or you can go directly to the favorites page HERE.

5) Favorited items will be listed in date, chronological order from newer to older published content.